How to outsource WordPress development without risking your reputation

Are you turning down clients because you are understaffed? Are you constantly disappointed with freelancers? Are you scared to outsource because you fear that your reputation will be destroyed?

Download the guide below to learn how to avoid outsourcing nightmares.

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Dear Agency Owner,

If you don’t want to hire full-time developers but you still want to grow your design agency without risking your reputation, then this is the most exciting message you’ll read today.

Here’s why: my name is Umar Bahadoor, and not so long ago I discovered that most freelancers online were full of crap. This is especially true with web developers on freelancing platforms. For reasons that I could never understand, they would often ghost on their clients in the middle of a project. And if they did not disappear, their results would often be sub-par.

I experienced this first-hand.

See, before having my own team, I used to freelance as a WordPress web developer, those were the days when WordPress was still in its infancy. Anyways, when I got too much work, I used to send it to other developers. But, more often than not…

I would be really shocked by the results!

The end results looked nothing like the designs that I sent them. The sites were not adapted for mobiles and tablets, and there was absolutely no optimisation at all. It’s like most of these other freelancers tried to get away with minimum effort.

When I asked for revisions or simply asked them to actually complete the work, they’d come up with a plethora of excuses and would eventually ask more money to get it done.

At first, I thought that I was simply unlucky.

So, I tried many others — at varying price points — the results were almost always the same. I did find a couple who were really good at what they do, but they were always booked in advance and could not always take my projects.

What’s even worst is that since my clients depended on me to meet their deadlines, I often had to stay up all night to re-do the work. I was desperate for a solution, a solution that would not only help me but also all the other people who might need WordPress development services. So, I’ve come up with a process to find the best development teams, and I’ve created a guide that I gave away for free.

However many of my clients did not want a guide.

They wanted me to “just get it done”.

I had to come up with something else. That’s when I created PeachyCode, a service dedicated to helping agencies convert their designs into fully functional WordPress sites.

I’ve decided to fix all the issues that agencies typically encounter with freelancers. No more ghosting, no more low-quality results, and most importantly a clear channel for communications and feedback.

I have decided that it will be a fixed-price service so that you don’t have to worry about hourly rates.

I’ve also added a unique guarantee that no one else can offer. If you are not 100% satisfied with our work, we’ll keep working on it until you are fully satisfied, AND we’ll also give you back your money. This is truly unique. Others may give you your money back, but they will state they you can’t use their code. Not us, we’ll continue working until you are satisfied, even if we won’t be paid.

The reason I can have this guarantee is due to the fact that I’m extremely confident in my team.

There’s just one caveat, we are still growing and we only work on a few projects in parallel to make sure that we always deliver websites that perfectly match your designs. The only way to work on more projects is to hire additional full-time developers. (Yes, all my developers are full-time employees, they can’t just leave without a notice…)

To be able to hire more WordPress developers, we will have to raise our rates. We’ve planned to raise our rates in the first quarter of 2019.

The good news is that all of our existing clients and any new client buys our services before the price increase will be grandfathered at the current rates until 2021.

So, if you’ve got a project, now is the best time to act. Schedule your call with me to see if we’re a good fit today.

To schedule your call, click here.



Why choose us?

The first reason would be that it’s completely risk-free for you. Of course, you might want to schedule your project well in advance of your deadline. But if that reason is not enough for you here’s more.

You’re getting a turn-key solution

While others will charge you additional fees to set your website up on your servers, we have included it in our pricing. So what’s you’re getting is really a turn-key solution. The way I see it is that you just have to send us your designs, and your server credentials. We’ll give you back a website that’s fully optimized and ready to go live.

Strict adherence to your designs

The founder, Umar, personally reviews each theme in depth to ensure that every element is exactly as per your PSD files. If there is anything which is not possible, we will let you know during the initial design review phase. See our quality control process below.

Detailed project plan

During the initial review, we will set up a detailed project plan and will try to follow it to the T. But sometimes life happens when this occurs you’ll be the first to know and we’ll reorganize internally so as not to affect the overall timeline without compromising on quality. You will know where we are in the process at all times.

Perfectly Responsive

Even if you do not provide us with mobile designs, we’ll go ahead and make your website perfectly responsive by using our best guess. However, you can send us the mobile version and we’ll make sure that when viewed on a mobile, the website is exactly as per your mobile design

Clean code

We are firm believers of standards, and all of our code follows the same sets of standards and code style guides. If you need to get your hands dirty and manipulate the code yourself, you can rest assured that it will be a breeze. You’ll also be able to maintain your theme and add features more easily.

Single point of contact

Throughout the project, you’ll deal with only one person. That person is usually our founder or co-founder. It’s not that we don’t trust you to speak to our developers, we’d be happy to connect you with them. But in terms of efficiency, it’s better when you deal with only one person, this guarantees a better service.

Limited spots available

To ensure a high-quality output, we only work on a few projects in parallel. However, advanced booking is available if you are not in a hurry. Our clients usually book a slot before they even start working on the designs.

100% money back guarantee

We are always striving to provide the best service to our clients, however, we understand that we might not always be a good fit for all designers, so if at any point before delivery you are not satisfied with our work, you can press the panic button and request a full refund. We’ll gladly accept. We might only ask a few questions. How can we provide such a guarantee you ask? Well, it’s simply because we’ll make sure that we never reach such a situation, and no past client has ever requested a refund.

100% in-house developers

All our developers are in-house and we never re-outsource our work. This ensures that your work is always perfect and on track. All our developers are bound by our national law, and they can’t just leave. They have also signed legally binding contracts with us.

Our in-depth quality control procedures

We have a three-step quality control process to make sure that you’ll be satisfied.

Developer Tests

The developer who worked on your template does a full set of tests using our signature “Peachy Theme Development Checklist”. She typically spends a whole day on this step, so you can be sure it’s very thorough.

Designer Review

Our designer reviews the theme with fresh eyes and works with the developer to resolve any issues found. Most of the time that designer is Meggan. She’s obsessed with clean code and pixel perfection.

Launch ready

The founder, Umar, personally reviews each theme in depth to ensure that every element is exactly as per your PSD files. If there is anything which is not possible, we will let you know during the initial design review phase.

Pricing Plan

Three straightforward packages. How’s that for simplicity?

Basic Service

Just the essentials
$ 497
    • Homepage
    • 4 Inner Pages
    • Error Pages
    • Contact Form
    • * Not pixel perfect

Most Popular

Brochure Websites
$ 997
    • Homepage
    • 6 Inner Pages
    • Error Pages
    • Blog
    • Contact Form
    • 2 Opt-in Forms
    • Custom Scripts & Animations


For more complex websites
$ 1,997
    • Homepage
    • 10 Inner Pages & Error Pages
    • Blog & Ecommerce Pages
    • Contact Form & Opt-in Forms
    • Custom Scripts & Animations

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